Clash of Clans MOD APK For Android

Clash of Clans MOD APK  For Android
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Clash of Clans is the most popular and popular strategy game in the world, which no doubt everyone has heard of and millions of people from all over the world have experienced it. In this game, you start building and expanding your village with the tools and forces you have. You have to defend your farm against other players and opponents with the arrangement and strategy of your forces. In this game, you become a member of your favorite tribe and go to war with other tribes in a group to gain loot and expand your village. If you are still among those who have not installed this game, just play this game for a short time and get addicted to this game. We have seen other interesting games such as Clash RoyaleBoom Beach, and Hey Day from the popular Supercell company before.


Clash of Clans is the name of the best strategy game in the world, which has managed to get millions of successful installations from all over the world, and it is currently the best strategy game available for Android, which is very entertaining and has managed to attract millions of people. Attract and make them your addict! . Stay tuned with the downloads.


Release of Clash of Clans Android game:

This fascinating and wonderful game was published by the big game studio Supercell and with its wonderful ideas and unique support, it was able to earn a huge amount of money from the Clash of Clans series, and this is really admirable! This company, which is the designer of other creative and great games such as ClashRoyale, HayDay, Boom Beach, and Brawl Stars, has been able to conquer the entire Google Play using Clash of Clans since 2012!

In this addictive game, you have to use the tools that are available to you to build a powerful and resistant village against the enemy and prevent it from being infiltrated, but these things have their costs! Build large and powerful defense buildings and by strengthening them, prevent the enemy from entering your village.

Upgrade your town hall in Clash of Clans and with this, release new defensive buildings and various fighting forces and use them to organize a powerful attack on enemy bases to increase your resources! Of course, this will not be easy at all. Just like you, the enemy builds strong defensive buildings, and in the meantime, it is your brain and strategy that determines the winner.

You have to build your barracks and prepare your soldiers and forces for a tough battle and by training them, you will increase your skills in battle, which is possible by spending a lot of time and effort. By upgrading your laboratory, increase the ability to upgrade each soldier and finally maximize the level of each force, reach superpower and clear every village!


By downloading Brawl Stars , you become the owner of the most attractive game of Supercell company and you can have fun for long hours with this game and other games of this company!   


By downloading Clash of Clans on your Android phone, you will enter a wonderful world where no one shows mercy to others and the only winners are those who compete with all their strength to win, and this is why even after 10 years, it is still in Go to the top!

If you have not installed the war of clans game before, today you can download Clash of Clans with a direct link for free from downloads, take advantage of this wonderful Android game and install it on your phone, anywhere. And at any moment, you can have a super fun tool with you. It’s really great. What do you think?!

By attacking other villages and looting their resources, get elixir and gold and use them for the development of your territory, but note that as your power increases, your enemies will also become stronger and influence them as well. More difficult! everybody

When someone attacks your village in  Clash of Clans, you will receive a shield for a few hours, that is, no one can attack you until the time is up, but this shield will be turned off when you start several attacks. .

Upgrade your soldiers to become tougher, faster, and more durable, and improve their performance level using the laboratory run by black wizards.

Because in Clash of Clans, it doesn’t matter how many forces you have thrown down and how many of them remain intact, because at the end of the battle, all of them will be destroyed, so you have to fight with great precision!


If you are looking for a hacked version of the Clash of Clans game for free,   downloading the hacked Clash  from downloads can completely solve your needs. 


Another feature of the game is the clan war, where you and your fellow colonies fight online to collect stars, and whichever team gets the most stars will win but note that everyone only has 2 attacks and Both of them will be very sensitive.

Participate in Clash of Clans clan wars and get stars for your clan with appropriate attacks and with high precision to avoid the enemy! In each battle, you have the ability to attack a maximum of 2 attacks and you should make the most of them because if you waste them, you will not have another chance and you will be doomed to failure.

At the end of each battle, depending on the type of your attack and its strength, if you win the battle, you will be awarded resources that you can access through your clan’s castle and, if necessary, transfer them to your reserves. !

  These are only part of the wonderful  Clash of Clans game.

Participate in the leagues and by increasing your rank among the competitors, surpass them and in this way get various and big prizes. Leagues are like war or clan war, except that you have to fight with several clans at the same time instead of one clan to win.


Finish the clan challenges of Clash of Clans and get magic potions, all of which will be useful in the games ahead of you! Like a potion of power that makes all your forces reach the maximum available level determined by your town hall for 1 hour and helps you a lot, especially in clan wars and leagues!

Clash of Clans game graphics :

As a strategy game, Clash of Clans naturally has diverse graphics and is similar to other games of the same style, but in terms of attention to detail and high quality, it is really the best and will impress you with its wonderful user interface.

Download the Boom Beach game for Android , another masterpiece of the great Supercell gaming studio, which is very fun and attractive 

The Clash of Clans game has great graphics and HD, which can multiply the pleasure of this strategy game for you, and you will notice this graphic quality with the first run of the game and it will increase your entertainment. We suggest not missing this game and playing it with all your strength.


Some features of the Clash of Clans game – Clash of Clans Android update

  • The presence of many and varied defense buildings
  • The possibility to participate in a clan war and star war increase
  • The possibility of participating in leagues and competing for the top of the table
  • Ability to buy Battle Pass and receive rewards for challenges
  • Construction of the village in an exclusive and unique way
  • Stunning graphics and HD
  • Interesting gameplay
  • The possibility of chatting with other players of the same tribe and world
  • Ability to request troops from the tribe and send troops to other users
  • Possibility to participate in desired clans
  • The possibility of creating a private clan for yourself and managing it
  • Ability to buy jams and progress quickly in the game
  • Great changes in every update
  • Very high need for accuracy and good intelligence
  • Support for sweet Farsi language
  • And many others that you must experience by yourself!

What's new update

Introducing Town Hall 15, the most magical Town Hall yet!
● Power up your village and devastate your foes with two brand new defenses: Spell Tower and Monolith!
● Evolve your attack strategy with a formidable new troop, a game changing new spell, a burrowing siege machine, and 4 additional hero pets!
● New building and troop levels for Town Hall 15 and a bunch of neat quality of life improvements!
  • 4.6
4.6 (59662700)
App Info
  • App Name Clash of Clans
  • Package Name com.supercell.clashofclans
  • Publisher Supercell
  • Updated
  • Required Android 5.0
  • Price $0
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