About us :

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A group of young people decided to create the largest educational-entertainment site that includes the latest and most popular applications on the Android system, through which you can learn about the latest new applications, whether entertainment or educational.

Website idea:

Through your visit to our site, you have saved a lot of time, as those in charge of it collect the latest and most famous applications of all kinds, entertainment and educational, in one site, whatever your age, you will find the application that suits your age and capabilities, through a page designed in a professional way that suits all tastes that helps you to read the content that was written Very carefully, so that you can know and collect information that helps you to decide whether to download the application or not, but also know the features of the application or game before downloading it, and how to use it, all in Arabic in an easy and accessible manner.

apksido website surprise

Not only did the site administrators write the content about the application you are searching for, but they also brought links to download the application from safe and reliable sources and websites that you can download without worry or fear, whether on your mobile device or your computer.

The goal of the apksido website

If you are a father or a mother, we would like to point out that we have chosen the applications very carefully to suit the general taste, and the presence of your son or child on our site is a responsibility that we are honored to bear because in the end one of our goals is to create good educational entertainment content away from unwanted sites.

apksido website tour

When you visit our website, you can search directly for the name of the application you want to download. The website displays the results quickly, through which you can know all the information about this application.

Or you can review all the applications on the site and take a quick tour of all the applications in an easy and easy manner with the latest applications first hand.

We are always striving with a continuous effort to publish everything new in the world of applications and games first-hand and at the same time from safe and reliable sources so that we get your admiration and your visit to our site again.